B&B Printing

B&B asked The Flores Shop to assist them in updating their branding to better reflect the company they have become—a communications solutions provider. 

B&B is a family-owned business, starting as a printing company and growing into much more than a printer. They have the know-how to provide the best solutions for their clients, integrating print and technology to leverage every available resource to benefit the client. While still building upon the same imagery established at the beginning of the company, the powerful PMS 485 and the B&B letter lock-up, Caitlyn Mayers was tasked with refreshing the logo to have a more modern feel, and building a brand platform that emphasized their knowledge and solutions. Then we were able to develop a comprehensive brand platform, updating everything from the business system, to the internal forms and boxes, and a full redesign of their website, blog and customer center. I focused on the brand standards development and manual, the business system, responsive web UI design and digital and print collateral.

Project Role(s): Strategy, Print and Web Design