harman claytor corrigan & wellman

Harman Claytor Corrigan & Wellman came to The Flores Shop for a complete rebrand in 2010. The Flores Shop created a beautiful logo and business system to begin the rebranding process. I took this established brand look and feel to create the responsive website and an Overview Brochure

Website Development
We pushed HCCW to break the mold of stuffy headshots and boring list of accomplishments for each lawyer. We were able to convince them to use a hybrid of a traditional head shot and bright, warm and beautifully composed lifestyle shots. .

Overview Brochure
Our job was to simplify the firm information into a customized and easy-to-digest brochure for each client. This pieces is an under-sized brochure with a business card sized USB nestled in a custom die-cut at the back. We flooded pages with warm images of the HCCW staff and kept the amount of information in the physical brochure to a minimum. We wanted the physical brochure to communicate the culture and experience of working with HCCW and left the nitty gritty details to be digital files on the USB.