Few brand names stand the test of time and represent luxury quite like Rolls-Royce. From their iconic car roots to aerospace and defense systems, Rolls-Royce continues to be an innovator–and has now expanded to Central Virginia with a new 180,000 square-foot facility for advanced manufacturing and research. To entice Rolls-Royce’s supply chain partners to relocate their manufacturing plants to Crosspointe, The Hodges Partnership and The Flores Shop collaborated with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership to engineer a sales booklet that fuses form and function.

Used primarily as a sales tool, we knew the informative details driving companies to Central Virginia had to be compelling. The PowerPoint charts that were provided to us offered valuable information about the benefits of relocating to Virginia, but looked antiquated—especially for a company as forward-thinking as Rolls-Royce. The Flores Shop undertook a full chart makeover that identified key information and isolated impactful call-outs while visually singing the praises of the the new Rolls-Royce Crosspointe facility.

Once the key details were hammered out in infographics, the rest of the booklet took form: slick metallic inks, industrial-strength wire-o binding, crisp photography and a fresh, clean layout to let each benefit speak for itself.